Our Mission

Embodied is a locally based educational body that is dedicated to producing historically based, culturally dynamic content for the service of its community. As an organization, Embodied strives to uphold the integrity of its community by preserving the memories and stories of its elders, while simultaneously creating new avenues and pathways for younger generations to build upon.


EmBodied assists in uplifting of communities by acting out the traditional role of storyteller.

We Collect and Share Stories of Our People

We preserving the memories of our elders and ancestors & translate those invaluable lessons for posterity by way of storytelling and oral traditional values.
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Creating a culture of respect for history and the struggles endured by the people.

Community Goal

To cultivate an internal working-community built around mutual respect and collaborative vulnerability.
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EmBodied is committed to maintaining fidelity to the dignity, safety, character and independence of a given community.

Power to Write Your Story

While we may be in relationship with a given community, that community is still its own and will be respected as such.
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The preservation of stories is only one half of storytelling, having and caring for an audience is the other half.


EmBodied directs itself towards sharing engaging, thought-provoking content which is accessible in its language and structure.
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Current Events

Tours Available Now

Historic Stagville Tours
Explore the grounds, historical properties, and enjoy the opportunities to delve into the history of North Carolina.