Historic Stagville Tour

Historic Stagville is a state historic site that includes the remnants of the one of the largest plantations in North Carolina. The Bennehan-Cameron family owned approximately 30,000 acres of land, and about 900 people who were freed at the point of emancipation on  this property. Stagville protects a fraction of the land from that plantation, including original enslaved quarters (1851), a massive barn (1860), and a Bennehan family house (1787-1799). Stagville is dedicated to teaching about the lives and work of enslaved people on the plantation.

Meet Your Guide: Khadija McNair is the Assistant Site Manager at Historic Stagville State Historic Site. She is a Durham, NC native and obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in History from North Carolina Central University. Khadija has held various internships and worked on multiple projects including the Orange County NC Slave Deed database and the Tobacco and African American History Panel Series at Duke Homestead State Historic Site.